Not just jobs: Labor and it's connections to this community

    Many are moving to Tacoma right now as a gateway to Seattle but also for the unique jobs available here from industrial to healthcare work. For greater economic opportunity I would increase transit and housing options. For economic growth the city needs to invest in a green new deal public works project that could use union labor to replace current carbon emitting infrastructure as well as funding the expanding of new fields of labor for this city.   Tacoma takes pride in it's working people, I hear all the careers that have been created here and I would like to continue this working town tradition.   -We must create new jobs for climate change mitigation in the port and around the city. -We must create better conditions for every essential worker with hazard pay. -Gig workers are workers and must be treated better by their employers.   Big businesses like the Hotel Murano and many healthcare providers think people can make due during a pandemic without hazard pay or consistent

Safer Streets in our community

  The platform of creating safer streets comes from the tragic rise in vehicle homicides and racist hate crimes against people and their businesses in this district. I would like to connect with community advocates and other candidates to solve these problems together. So far the city council has been unable to come to a solution to street racing or car shows so that they can happen safely without Tacoma police running their vehicle through the crowd. This would change by promoting outreach rather than persecution to youth with no outlets. A community-based crisis response team would be necessary to expand our current CAHOOTS program to reduce the number of calls routed to police.

Nolan Hibbard-Pelly for Tacoma City Council

We are running for City Council Position Four to represent the people of Tacoma in my district. Pagina en español My campaign goals include unseating past Councilmember Ushka to do more in my district.   -Reduce litter across all neighborhoods to better show the beauty of Tacoma.   -Building crosswalks to bring neighborhoods closer together.   -Supporting health workers that are employed here in our city.   -Creating better conditions for every food service worker.     -Providing aid for those made most in need.   -Promoting businesses post pandemic.